About 123 seeds

123seeds.com was founded in 2009 by Wouter Midavaine and his wife Brigitte Bravenboer. They started this ecommerce website out of love for growing vegetables, herbs, flowers and especially peppers, tomatoes and special fruit vegetables. They thought other ecommerce websites had a very small range of products and prices that were often too high. Wouter and Brigitte thought they could better and followed their dream. 

Over the years the 123seeds product range has grown extensively: it is currently the biggest in The Netherlands and surrounding countries. 123seeds.com is specialised in vegetable and pepper seeds, but you will also find many flower seeds, exotic seeds and a lot more.  

Since 2010 123seeds is also registred as repacker of seeds. As a registred supplier 123seeds only sells seeds that have been cultivated professionally, supervised and accredited by an Inspection Service for Horticulture (Naktuinbouw in The Netherlands). 

As of 2015 123seeds is also Skal certified repacker and supplier of biological seeds.